DEXWET – True Filter Solutions – returns with NWES Team 2018 – DF1 Racing goes green

Combined Brand Power
DEXWET International AG, technology core of the innovative, global DEXWET group of companies, recently launched a new strategic cooperation and partnership with the DF1-Racing, in the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series (NWES), former LeMans and FIA Championship Team with more than 25 years of history in racing. With support of DEXWET the DF1-Racing team will come back to perform highly competitive up from season 2018 under the new joint Team name “DEXWET-DF1Racing”.
The new, green, DEXWET-DF1Racing Team marks a new milestone in the long-term history of both partners in the NWES. In the years 2014 and 2015 DEXWET entered the Series as Co-Sponsor and in this time, they developed the DEXWET High-Performance Airfilter (HPA) as a significant motor performance update for the European race cars. The improved air permeability of the filter translates into better motor efficiency and performance, better torque at lower rpm.
DEXWET upgraded their engagement in the Series and signed Agreement to become long-term Partner of the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series providing sustainable, reliable filter performance for racing.
Entering the Series in the same year in 2014, the DF1-Racing team in parallel rose up to become one of the most beloved NWES teams. With notable merchandising income and with one of the largest fanbases all over Europe, especially in Austria, Germany, Netherlands and UK. Over the last winter, DF1-Racing was set up in a new international structure and now enters into a promising new partnership with DEXWET with a clear joint vision. Big Win-Win for Both.
“This new strategic partnership shall lead to good performance and success in the sport, continue and improve the track-record given. Such positive news will be the fun part of DEXWET corporate communication and this will support the ongoing IPO-process of the DEXWET group, that is aiming for a listing of the corporation at NASDAQ in New York in this fall. It is clear that, what we do here, can mean a lot for US investors”, stated Norbert Walchhofer at the presentation. “And German speaking fans can already look out for the biggest fan-party ever of any team, at the Hockenheim ring in September this year, be our guest at the new green DEXWET-DF1Racing Team.”
“As one of the sponsors of NWES, in season 2018, the overall marketing appearance of DEXWET will be integrated into the corporate branding. And DEXWET-DF1Racing declares with delight: We go green !!! This journey shall later also lead us back in the US market, where we want to try to enter a US Series in years to come. DEXWET-DF1Racing will operate as DEXWET Works Team in the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series and beyond and our fans will get a show from us over the next few years, not ever seen in Europe before.” stated Norbert Walchhofer.
„We use our competitive advantages, our technology and our joint brands. Our vision is to produce a European Champion and help developing his career in the US-NASCAR series!!! We look out for and can already see him. We want to be part of the story and journey of this hero up from the first minute, we wanna give this a 5 years term. You know, we can do things, others simply can’t! We have to try that!” explained Clemens Sparowitz, President & CEO of Dexwet Holding Corporation, during the presentation. “NASCAR is the sport of the best global companies and DEXWET can get good communication and attention as well as high level access to partners that will profit significantly in their own business from the application of DEXWET technology. This makes sustainable sense for all!”
„DEXWET decided for DF1Racing as strategic partner not only because of their past success in motorsports, other key pro’s were the strong DF1-Racing brand, 30.000 social media followers, including full merchandizing suite, the given infrastructure and last but not least, the decade experience of the management given in racing as well as business.” CEO Clemens Sparowitz pointed out. “Weaknesses of the past shall be eliminated and will be developed to new strengths over this season 2018. We reach for the Top!”
The DEXWET-DF1Racing Team registered the 66 car for the whole season 2018 and the 99 car for now contingent on a race-by race basis. After good races in 2017, DEXWET CEO Clemens Sparowitz plans to return to the Cockpit of the 66 car already at the season opening in Valencia in ELITE Club. Negotiations with other interested Drivers are ongoing and results will be announced at the team presentation planned for the second half of March.

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