Maciej Dreszer

Maciej Dreszer – Biography

Maciej „Magic” Dreszer
Born: Mar. 27, 1996
Place of birth: Tarnów (Poland)
Nationality: Polish
Residence: Tarnów


2015 – BMW Racing Cup Belgium – all races, 24H series – all races
2014 – VLN Nurburgring (TMG Toyota GT86 Cup, Doerr Motorsport), ADAC Zurich 24h Rennen (Nurburgring, Germany), FIA CEZ Hill Climb Championship (Race National Team Poland)
2013 – Volkswagen Castrol Cup
2012 – KIA Lotos Race


2015 – BMW Racing Cup Belgium – winner of Cup , 24H series – II place in BMW CUP class.
2014 – Winner of 4 races the TMG Toyota GT86 Cup 2014 season held as part of the VLN racing series at Nurburgring
2014 – 2nd place overall, FIA CEZ Hill Climb Championship (N+2000)
2014 – Youngest driver in history to race during ADAC Zurich 24h Rennen at Nurburgring – the most challenging race in the world
2013 – Youngest driver in Polish edition of Volkswagen Castrol Cup


Maciej was born with a passion for motorsports. He has been racing all kinds of 4–wheeled vehicles since his early childhood days. At the age of three he got his first proper racecar – a miniature Mercedes SLK roadster equipped with a gasoline engine, a gearbox, clutch and brakes. Then came donuts and drifting at the wheel of Peugeot’s, Volkswagen’s and Fiat’s at the parking lot of his father’s company in Tarnów, Maciej’s hometown. This is how it started.

In 2012, at the age of 16, Maciej made a first serious step to race world when received his race licence and sprang into motorsports with highly competitive Kia Lotos Race series in Poland. After completing his first racing season and securing 12th position overall, Maciej moved to an even more challenging series – European Volkswagen Castrol Cup – to face Europe’s top young motorsports talents. Being only 17, he was the youngest driver on the grid. The season has been plauged with technical problems, though, but Maciej managed to finish 12th overall.
The true test to his talents came in 2014 – Maciej and his dad, who from the beginning cares for her son career decided to race outside Poland to further his career as a racecar driver.

The 18-year old Pole got invited by Doerr Motorsport (, one of the most successful racing teams in Germany, to race a full season of Toyota GT86 Cup at Nurburgring. This was a defining moment of his career. With 4 wins in 9 races Maciej and his teammates Arne Hoffmeister and Fabian Wrabetz secured a win in GT86 Cup series – a great success for the team and for the drivers who domintated the whole season at the famous German circuit.

There was also another highlight of the 2014 season – Maciej received an special invitation from Pirelli to race during the 2014 edition of ADAC Zurich 24h Rennen at Nurburgring – probably the most challenging endurance race in the world. Maciej raced exceptionally, finished 5th in his category and made history as the youngest driver to ever take part in the iconic 24h event on Nurburgring.

2015 racing season start in January in Dubai (24H series) and end in November in Zolder (400 min. Night Promotion Race)

Outside of racing circuits Maciej gets involved in many social campaigns promoting responsible driving and road safety.

He’s an outspoken athlete with a lot media experience under his belt. His campaigns have been covered by national TV channels and press.

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