Valencia 2015 Round 1

Our season start was very difficult. Christophe Bouchut in car 66 has to start out of the box. He showed a great and impressive performance and went through the field up to 8th position. Unfortunately his race was stopped by an accident. Christophe was brought to hospital and tonight´s good news, nothing is broken and it seems he will recover soon.
The big crash of car 66 made it impossible to start three hours later in Elite 2, so DF1 Racing is sorry for Christian Malcharek that he couldn´t start his race. Now the mechanics work on the car, hopefully we can start tomorrow.
Also car 77 with Luke Wright driving was involved in a start accident and not able to finish his race. But three hours later our young driver Guillaume Deflandre starting from 12th, finished in 10th position. Great race, Guillaume!